Unisa agrees to insourcing workers

PRETORIA – The University of SA (Unisa) management has agreed in principle to insourcing workers, the Unisa Academic and Professional Staff Association (APSA) said on Friday.

“After a long day [of] discussions [on Friday] led by APSA and other interested stakeholders, APSA is pleased that Unisa management came to their senses…” APSA general secretary Boitumelo Senokoane said in a statement.

“All workers who were unfairly dismissed should be reinstated with immediate effect and that those facing disciplinary hearing and other forms of harassment would not be victimised and those processes should be halted with immediate effect.

“This is done in the spirit of returning the untenable situation back to normality in order to enable table talk negotiations to take place and finalise insourcing.

“Subsequently APSA demanded that all workers should be given their full pay of the period in which they involved in the protest,” he said.

A proposed multi-disciplinary task team would finalise the finer details of insourcing of all affected service provider employees to convert them to permanent employment.

The task team would start work with immediate effect.

“APSA further insisted that all Unisa active service provider contract information must be made available and all line managers responsible for these contracts should make themselves available to provide information regarding these service provider contracts,” he said.

“APSA is of the view that many service providers have been benefiting at the expense of workers on contracts of the value of R4-billion of which workers got a fraction of the money which service providers benefit.”