(i). To promote the interests of members in relation to employers; (ii). To improve the wages and working conditions of all workers in the Tertiary and Higher Education Sector, Research and Development Sectors and/ or related industries and/or staff attached to the mentioned sectors including the organised and every un-organised worker in our sector or attached to our sector and scope; (iii). To strike legally without fear of dismissal, to picket and to participate in secondary strikes and protest action, to promote or defend the socio-economic interest of workers; (iv). To fight against arbitrary and unfair dismissal of workers; (v). To resist retrenchment and fight for full employment; (vi). To fight for adequate social security from the state and from employers; (vii). To enter into collective bargaining forums for the purpose of negotiating and entering into collective agreements with employers and associations of employers.
(i). To support the spirit and principle of democracy in allthe union's activities;‚Äč (ii). To build a strong and democratic organisations of workers at the workplace; (iii). To build strong and active shop-steward structures to ensure democratic worker control; (iv). To achieve full and effective participation by workers in all decision-making affecting them in the workplace; (v). To end all forms of discrimination in employment;
(i). To unite all workers in the Tertiary and Higher Education Sectors and/ or related industries and/ or staff attached to the mentioned sectors within one Union; (ii). To encourage within workers spirit of trade union unity; (iii). To create one federation of trade unions to represent all workers in South Africa; (iv). To build solidarity between workers and unions in different countries;